How Much Does SR22 Insurance Cost?

The SR22 filing is usually required when you have committed some sort of driving offence, and the insurance policy is more expensive than if you had a clean record. The cost to add an SR22 filing to your car insurance is usually $15 to $25. This is only the cost to file the form with the state. The cost of the auto insurance policy associated with the SR22 varies. Your largest cost associated with the SR22 insurance is the underlying citation such as a driving under the influence (DUI). Most insurance companies increase your auto premium substantially in the event you are convicted of a DUI or other major violation. The car insurance policy associated with a SR22 doesn?t have a set premium. It is calculated based on standard rating factors such as your past driving record, your geographical location, the type of vehicle you drive, how old it is, the size of the engine,and the make and model. For instance, if your driving record indicates that you are a risky driver, due to a major offense like a DUI, your rates will be higher. The only way to determine the cost for your SR22 insurance will be to get a personalized car insurance quote. To get started, please enter your zip code where indicated and help us connect you to the best and most price effective options chosen specifically for you based on the information you provide on the questionnaire that follows. Even though simply needing an SR22 filed will not directly affect your premium rates, it is indicative of someone that usually pays a higher amount for car insurance. This is because only people that have experienced negative impacts on their driving record are required to file an SR22 form. The impacts referred to could be any of the following:
  • Lack of past financial responsibility to pay for auto insurance ? If you have a track record of not carrying an automobile insurance policy for a significant period of time, you can bet that this fact will indirectly raise your SR22 insurance cost.
  • Past involvement in an accident where you are at fault ? If you have been the cause of a major traffic accident and are now required to file an SR22, there is a greater likelihood that you will incur a higher SR22 insurance cost.
As you can see, SR22 insurance costs are not necessarily driven by the need for an SR22 form itself, it is more expensive simply because the people that usually need it are viewed by most auto insurance companies as ?higher risk? than people that don?t need the form. For an insurance company to cover ?high risk? drivers they charge more for insurance premiums to cover the cost of taking on the additional risk. If you?re ready to move forward in the process and find out what your SR22 insurance cost will be. Then enter your zip code and get SR22 insurance quotes today!